Диагностика Варны

A unique technique to determining the 3 Soul Indicators that guide you through your life


Your Varna

Varna is the aspirations of the Spirit from birth that never change and are your deepest essence. In life, they are manifested by intuition as certain premonitions, which are different for each Varna. Each person should know - what language of intuition his Soul speaks to them. It is the cosmic homeland of every Soul.
It shows you at what spiritual level of development you are at the moment and what you need to perform to raise it. The spiritual level can change over the course of your life and is an indication of the evolution of your spirit in your Varna. Understanding what is your Caste - you will be able to realize what force is holding back your potential and influence on the world around you.
You will find out what drives you. What flows of power feed your deep character and affect your effectiveness in life. Your deep character changes throughout life and is a strong indication of the evolution of your spirit in your Caste.

Your Caste

Your Deep Character

Diagnosis of Varna is carried out by
Vitaliy Prysyazhnyuk

The author of the Diagnosis of Varna Method Author of the book "The Honor"
Author of the "The HA-THA wave" system
Alla Revenko
Haletsky Alexander
"Vitaly has a gift of "speaking in different languages" - he is able to simply, easily and, what is most important, sincerely convey complex information to the listener. From the first minute of communication, there is a sense of trust in him and what he says. Although the information I received made me think about a lot of things because my perception of myself was somewhat different. I wanted to understand more, so I read the book and started doing wave techniques. I strongly recommend that anyone who wants to clear up the question of the correlation of the inner "want" and "can" go through this diagnosis procedure. Over thirty years of work as an inspector in the department of education, I saw many examples when a person's lack of understanding of himself and his real potential, lack of knowledge of where to channel the available force ruined fortunes, led to serious illnesses. I agree that such a diagnosis would be useful for our high school students in choosing their career path."
Tatyana Kirichenko


Here you can read some of the reviews from people who have already been taken over the Varna diagnosis
"My greetings to all of you! I want to express my enormous gratitude and appreciation to Vitaly Vladimirovich for the quality of the time spent with him, for the soulful conversation, and for the answers to many questions that have worried me for many years! Pleasantly shocked by the Diagnosis itself and the information received! It was even more exciting to feel my new states! Without a trace of doubt, I am sure that everyone needs a Varna diagnosis, especially those who are already consciously moving along the path of spiritual and personal development! Understanding of one's Varna, Caste, and Deep Character gives a new impulse to this movement and, most importantly, the right direction of one's Path! Thank you, also Sergei, for the clear organization of the meeting and for providing all the necessary information! With best wishes and respect, to the entire Honor Team!"
"Now I would like to perform an incredibly difficult task - to describe my experience of the diagnosis with Vitaly. It is almost impossible to pass my impressions about it in full scale, as it is impossible to describe, for example, Love, Life, Nature. Meeting with Vitaly is a life Event. The event, important in destiny at the human level, but even more important for the Soul. Vitaly is a rare Phenomenon on the Earth, so something has to be happened in life for such an encounter to take place. It took place in my life and I am immensely grateful to Vitaly, to my Life, and to Creation. No one has ever consecrated my Place, my Tasks, my Source, and my Nature so clearly, deeply, broadly, sensually, in words, in feelings, but most importantly, in the Flow of Transmission of what is goes BEFORE WORDS! And this is going to take a long time to unpack, I don't even know how long... It is clear that I have received a treasure, turning to which at any moment of the Path I will hear new things, understand new things, realize a new level of tasks... Such a gift is given only to THOSE WHO ARE OUTSIDE THE EARTH, UNDERSTANDING THE WAY! ..."


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